Friday, December 13, 2013


Looking for a good lesson in sportsmanship, salesmanship, "neighborliness"?
Take a look at Champions Sporting Goods, 53 Leonard Street, Belmont, Massachusetts.  Their back door opens onto the town's parking lot, as do most of the businesses on that side of Leonard Street .  The difference between Champions and their neighbors is the sign posted on Champion's back and front doors, a sign which encourages customers visiting Belmont Center to "pass through"!
This sign on the front window of  Champions Sporting Goods, Leonard Street, Belmont, Massachusetts, reads "We are the official cut thru of Belmont Center - Welcome". Posted at the back door as well as the front, the sign encourages customers to use Champion Sporting Goods as a "cut thru" from the parking lot to the main shopping area on Leonard Street, and back again.  Let's hope the customers appreciate the gesture enough to stop and buy a sporting good or two as they pass thru!

A mother walks out onto Leonard Street after she has walked her child safely through
 Champions Sporting Goods from the parking lot in Belmont Center to the main thoroughfare.


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