Sunday, December 8, 2013

Camelot at the New Rep Theatre in Watertown, Massachusetts

Camelot at Newton High School?  Is Marash Girl remembering correctly?  Didn't Susan Stone play opposite Irving Krasner, and thus, the two of them became heroes of their class?  Marash Girl played the piano in the orchestra for every rehearsal and every performance, so she couldn't be misremembering, or could she? Probably . . . what was the name of that show?

Those are the thoughts that whisked through the sieve of Marash Girl's memory when her friend offered her center front row seats to Camelot, performed by the New Rep at the Charles Mosesian Theatre in Watertown, Massachusetts.  And what a performance it was . . . . No, not the Camelot that Marash Girl remembers from high school days, but rather an incredible piece de resistance lasting 3 hours of big acting and big singing . . .
Taking their bows, l. to r.  Marc Koeck (as Lancelot), Benjamin Evett (as King Arthur), Erica Spyres (as Guenevere)

The whole cast graciously accepts applause from an enthusiastic audience at the end of the performance of Camelot.
Benefactor Charles Mosesian's photo at the entrance to the Charles Mosesian Theatre


  1. i was a good friend of his daughter, who drove around Watertown in a mercedes sports car, de rigeur for the daughter of one of the nouveau rich. of course, sporting my bmw 2002 sports sedan, which i paid for myself out of my earnings in the battle zone of newton high school pedagogy, was enough for me to turn my nose up at such a display of earthen immigrant wealth.

  2. i forgot to mention that the above took place on another planet, the planet of the early 1970's in the backwater town of Boston, yet to realize the beneficent genius of the wheelchair bound Mayor of Boston, former MIT professor of urban design. Boston, back then, reached back to the headiness of the molting of yankee aristocratic privilege writ large in the egyptian like steadfastness of its ontological timelessness, only to be jarred into the next century 10 years later by the dreams of the crippled mayor whose legs were the only part of him diminished by his birth into a world fallen.