Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Search for Baby Jesus

Vacationing on Cape Cod in early December can be iffy, at best, New England weather being what it is, but no worries . . .  there's always the favorite pastime for seasoned Cape Codders, a pastime introduced to Marash Girl by her dear departed friend Joan: searching the church thrift shops. . .  but unlike previous tours of Cape Cod Thrift Shops, this tour had a focus.
Marash Girl found the Baby Jesus!
After her visit to the Highland House and its exhibit of Christmas Creches from all over the world 
(, Marash Girl decided that she wanted to add to the few nativity scenes she puts out every Christmas.  And so she began searching the thrift shops, Marash Boy chauffeuring her with his New York Times at the ready.    She would enter the thrift shop, holding her breath in the hope that there might be a creche and its attending figures hidden somewhere in the corners of the shop . . . yes?  no?  No . . . . but in one shop, there were figures for the nativity scene, but the only problem?  It was missing the baby Jesus.  I'll take it!  said Marash Girl.  I know I can find Jesus if I look hard enough . . . and find Him she did . . . at the last church heading off Cape in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Do you have a nativity scene with all the figures?   she asked the woman behind the counter.  "No," was the answer. "But we do have the Baby Jesus, and after all, He's the most important figure in the whole story, is he not?"  "Yes," shouted Marash Girl with a grin.  "He's the most important of all!  I knew I would find Jesus if I kept looking!" Marash Girl sighed as she took out her dollar bill to pay for the beautiful baby, but the saleslady would not take the dollar bill. . . she said, "Jesus is a gift . . . I cannot take your money . . . Jesus is free to all who want him . . . Take Him."  And Marash Girl did.


  1. Wow, what a story. are you sure you did not make this up? it is really too perfect from several different perspectives. Or perhaps, Frank Capra was directing your day?