Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow Ploughs In Absentia

Seven days ago, Marash Girl wrote of her sense of snow, and not only her sense of snow, but the snow plough's sense of snow.  Today, at 7 AM, it has been snowing for 14 hours, and sleeting for the last few, and not a snow plough to be heard, much less seen!  Luckily our neighbor's happy lights cheer the otherwise dreary morning! (Yes their house is on a hill; thus the slant of the photo taken from Marash Girl's level front porch.)

9 AM:  The snow ploughs just went by and left behind them a sheet of ice, no sand!  AND huge chunks of ice gathered from the street above left by the snow plough . . .  blocking our driveway. We'll wait and see if there's to be another saga in this drama.

The next saga?  Marash Girl shoveling it all out, of course!


  1. that never happened when Teddy Mann was mayor.

  2. so...relax...isn't that why the snow arrived? and why you have an incompetent mayor who cannot even provide the basic relief for which he was elected? i will bet his street was the first ploughed and sanded. now, where does he live? i will go and check it out. chief massassoit

  3. Black is color in absentia
    the densest part of universalia
    the loss of light and solaria

    thank God we have light and the snow and ice capturing it and refracting it, bending it to the will of God.