Thursday, December 26, 2013

Overheard at Bleu : Cape Cod Oysters on the Half Shell

Always eavesdropping at restaurants, Marash Girl witnessed the following:

A gentleman ordered his first course: oysters on the half shell;  the oysters arrived, but no cocktail sauce.  What self-respecting New Englander could eat oysters without cocktail sauce?

When the guest asked the waitress to bring cocktail sauce, the waitress replied haughtily, "We don't stock cocktail sauce."

The gentleman's wife, without pause, saved the day: "I'll tell you how to make it; my husband won't eat oysters without cocktail sauce.  Do you have ketchup?"

"Yes," replied the waitress.

"Do you have horseradish?"

"Yes," replied the waitress.

"Do you have lemon?"

"Yes," replied the waitress.

"Just bring them all here, or you can stir them together in the kitchen; I want my husband to enjoy his oysters!"

And enjoy them he did, despite the "fancy" Cape Cod restaurant's insistence on serving oysters on the half shell WITHOUT cocktail sauce!

N.B. Wait a minute . . . isn't that Arppie's secret cocktail sauce! (

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