Friday, February 7, 2014

Hamburgers, Armenian Style (or, as Armenians are wont to call them, "Losh"!

Growing up in the USA,  Marash Girl never questioned the fact that her mother would always  finely chop onions, peppers, parsley and sometimes tomato paste (along with salt and pepper) to mix into freshly ground lamb, then shape the meat into hamburgers (why are they called HAM burgers, anyway?)  before broiling the burgers on the top rack of her Westinghouse oven.  But that's what she did, and later she did the same with ground beef.  And, of course, in the summer, she cooked those burgers over the fireplace that Peter had built in the back yard, and later over the barbecue  . . . as Marash Boy's family  did over the outdoor fire in the fireplace on the top of Wilbraham mountain.

If you want a burger that is a taste treat, try it yourself.  You'll never eat another "American" burger again!


  1. why they are called hamburgers? they were probably invented in the city of Hamburg. Hamburg was one of the cities of the Hanseatic League, a trade association that dominated north german, baltic sea commerce during the middle ages. they were the wealthiest of medieval german cities, and i am sure their rich merchants had plenty of time and money to design a way of eating meat apart from the traditional bratwurst melange. Thus, the german airline, lufthansa is a company that linked by air (luft) cities in a modern trade association, if you will.

  2. Today marks the anniversary of MA statehood. Feb. 6, 1788 was the day. How will you mark the occasion?