Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'll eat anything . . .

Husband at dinner,  commenting to dinner guest on his wife's cooking:

I'll eat anything she puts in front of me . . .
As long as it's perfect!


  1. and, of course, the guest, judging from his host's appearance, determined that the wife's cooking was perfect.

  2. True story: A decade ago, we had an Odar first-time-guest for dinner at our house. Naturally, our Armenian cornucopian horn of hospitality filled the table with dishes of varietal plenty, kebabs and all, that could have easily fed ten ravenous cannibals. There were only three of us. The guest was a large man, a nice man, but twice as big as either one of the hosts. I turned to my guest and said, " Theodore, I hope you will like our food." He replied, " I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first." My wife and I were a little scared.

    1. and then there is the story of pastor stengard hosting pastor zeoli. after three days of eating one egg breakfasts, the ebullient gourmand zeoli was asked by the abstemious laconic stengard from his kitchen to the second floor guest bedroom, 'how would you like your egg? zeoli, who was making a real run to 'forsake the lust of the flesh', per command of our Lord, but perforce under the culinary straitjacket of stengard responded in his best baritone, 'with another one'.

    2. LOL, no, BOWL, Bursting Out With Laughter. My eyelashes are wet right now with the spray of the humor. Oh my ....

    3. See Marash Girl's version of this story written Sunday, January 9, 2011: (