Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Answer to Sweepstakes, or, The Wagon Is Full!

Yesterday Marash Girl initiated a sweepstakes, a prize going to the person who guessed the number of books she has listed since she began listing books 20 years ago.

The answers submitted were 73,000      54,321       36,500      

The correct number is 52,067 as of yesterday morning before Marash Girl wrote her blog post!

To the contestants, Marash Girl says (as Peter and Nasreddin Hodja would say,) "You're right; you're right; and you're right, too!" [See]

Therefore, each contestant wins a free book in the form of a gift certificate worth $25 (free media mail shipping within the United States) at  Just go to the website ( and have fun searching!  Awaiting your order . . .


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