Sunday, February 2, 2014

He's Tied To His Mother's Apron Strings!

In an Armenian Marashtsi household where Turkish and Armenian were spoken interchangeably, Marash Boy somehow must have heard the expression, "He's tied to his mother's apron strings." (Marash Girl has no idea how you'd say that in Armenian or Turkish) . . . At any rate, Marash Boy, who to this day records what he hears and replays it days later . . . Marash Boy took action on the words and, as his mother loved to relate, he literally attached himself to his mother by tying himself behind her with his mother's apron strings!

When Marash Girl asked Marash Boy if he remembered doing just that, he answered, "Yes, I remember!  Good thing I never heard the expression, 'You have to eat a pound of dirt before you die!'  My Irish assistant at the Massachusetts State House often regaled me with tales of his childhood when he actually sat down and tried to force feed himself dirt, as he knew he must eat a pound before he died . . .!!"


  1. our dad was more ambitious. he stated that one had to eat a ton of dirt before he died.
    that made it so much easier to ignore all the dirt on the food at boy scout camp cook outs. i came prepared.