Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just say yes!

Just say yes!  So advised the President of the Senior Class of Watertown High School, Class of 1932, at their 50th High School Reunion.  "As we get older," he said, "we tend to feel that we've done everything, and there's no need to do any more . . . We start looking for excuses to say 'no' to invitations, to new experiences, to life . . . I'm here as your Senior Class President to give you lifelong advice.  Be sure that once a day, you 'just say yes!'  Say yes to friends, say yes to relatives, say yes to new experiences, say yes to new adventures, say yes to life!"


  1. My two cents: Before saying yes to friends, relatives, and others; say YES to your own Ես first.

  2. It is important to say "NO"; saying "Yes" can be dangerous and get you into trouble. Indecision is the culprit (not the word/action "yes", nor the word/action "no".
    Decisions need to be thought through.
    Question: which fork in the road to take? Take one of them . . . hopefully the "right" one!

  3. Or as Peter used to say, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it!"