Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spring is on its way!

Looking out of her bedroom window the day after this week's mega-snowstorm, Marash Girl thought she was seeing things -- she thought she saw a robin redbreast nibbling the buds on a snow covered maple tree -- out came her iPhone and snap went the camera.  But wait . . . the photo was taken through a glass darkly . . . through a window darkened by the winter's weather, and a screen, and tree branches, and snow . . .  if you look carefully, you might see a robin in the lower right quadrant of the photo below.

Playing around a bit, Marash Girl was able to reveal the robin in the tree branches!
 (Look for orange in the center of the photo below.)

Now you, too, can claim to have seen a robin on a cold February day in Newton, Massachusetts. . . Does this sighting countermand the implication of the groundhog's seeing its shadow this past Sunday?


  1. the robin heralds the new life of the earth and its fiery breast is an imprint of the death of life in the Fall.

  2. I was encouraged by the sight of a first robin on Saturday and later your report and picture.