Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The secret of successful dieting

Overheard:  If I stop writing, I could lose weight!


  1. a new blog title: Dumber and Dumbest: to wit, here is one i heard last week in a conversation a public highschool teacher was having with one of my sons. in an attempt to defend 'global warming' against the deniers who now defend their position of denial by the full fury of the coldest winter on record, at least in Jacksonville, said teacher was heard to say that the earth had to cool to offset a sun that was getting warmer. or in other words, global warming is no longer global but solar, and solar warming now is the explanation for the very cooling that once was attributed to 'the onset of new ice ages'. apparently she feeds at the same trough that the mighty feed at who explain the act of a godless creation with the insurmountable logic that nothing can create something. Oh, so you say, how absurd? not at all, the outworking of that inverted teleology is witnessed in Keynesian economics. in keynesian economics, consumption is the driving force for creating wealth. yup, the more a people consume, the wealthier they get. Global warming meets Solar Warming meets wealth creating by wealth consuming. oh, and by the way, just so that you can see that this virus has been egalitarian in its infection, the American president, upon meeting the French president Sarkozy, hugged him with the declaration that america and france have long been allies and shared the same marriage bed, because after all, didn't the french revolution inspire the american revolution? (Yes , of course, but,only if one is a master of warp speed in a time machine, a master of the universe, and can live in a pond where nothing creates something.)

  2. My guess is that rather than whistling while he works, or in this case, writes, he munches while he writes!