Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Dancing Jester at Boston Ballet's CINDERELLA

There they were at the Boston Ballet, awaiting the curtain to open on the  performance of CINDERELLA . . . two Armenian women, one from Massachusetts, and one from California via Iran.   They unilaterally began looking through the list of dancers in the program, as most Armenians are wont to do before a performance begins, looking for names ending in 'ian . . .  and not disappointed, they found one Armenian name -- the name of the man who was dancing the role of the King's jester!  
"How perfect!" quipped Marash Boy.

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  1. Perfect because the one who makes the king laugh is the one who survives the king. Now, refer back to saroyan's comment quoted a few days ago on this blog.
    Anastasia Mikoyan was the vice premier to Stalin and survived the purges. Could he have been the Mel Brooks of Stalin's Kremlin?