Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Don't Get Wise With Me, SIster!"

It was after Newton High School's dress rehearsal for 'Camelot', probably around 9 at night, many years ago.  Gil Bickum, Mark Golub, the stars of the show, and some of the other members of the cast and orchestra were in Mark Golub's old '45 Chrysler, driving along Washington Street in Newtonville.

One of the City's Finest pulled the car over.  (The car was missing a headlight, apparently.)

"Okay," barked the officer as he shone his flashlight into their faces.  "What are your names?  You, the driver . ."

"Mark Golub."

"And you?"

"Gil Bickum."

"And you, young lady?"

"Bethel Bilezikian."

"Don't get wise with me, sister.  What's your real name?"

That's what you get for growing up Armenian-American in Newton, Massachusetts . . .


  1. your response? 'I wouldn't think of it, ..big boy'.

    1. of course, those words could only be uttered in your best marlene dietrich voice, sister

  2. old? old chrysler, you say? really, it was only, at most, 12 years old, as your play had to have been in either '56 or '57. Admittedly, the reference to anything created in '45 lends more sway to the story. (it was the end of the 'big band' era, and the beginning of 'rock and roll', chubby checker and elvis the pelvis, and Sinatra swooning to another rhythym) i should know, as, I, too, was created in '45.