Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is there an Armenian Church in Dublin?

Marash Girl grew up knowing (as a fact) that there was an ancient Armenian Church structure in Dublin, Ireland.  Searching the web as well as the knowledge of her academic  friends for confirmation of such a church, Marash Girl could find nothing.  But Marash Boy concurred that growing up, his father Nishan would often reference such a structure.  Looking back on those  days, Marash Boy remembered seeing his father in the back room of his cobbler shop in Springfield, Massachusetts, opening a bottle to share a "pop" with one of his Irish friends . . . and hearing his father, Nishan, proudly asking those friends, "Did you know that there's an ancient Armenian Church in the heart of Dublin?"


  1. Could it be Armenian Blarney? After all, what better way to connect with the Irish hood than popping one ( blarney and bottle) with a fellow weaver of yarn. No volpine volpe here, just a couple of elves or more and there was gathered a many and more, and no need to wait for Patt'ys Day, nor the awful one from which one fled every day of every week since 1915.

  2. Gostan Zarian is talking about Armenian monks in 6-th century going to Ireland and building vank s and churches right on the cliffs just like in Armenia except there you see the sea ;-) i think in " Bancoop and the Bones of the Mammoth" by Gostan Zarian, Ara Baliozian (Translator) Celtic cross is so similar . . .