Friday, March 21, 2014

The Etiquette of Texting

Marash Girl was sitting at a wake, watching the only young person in the room texting non-stop. . . when suddenly the young woman's phone rang.  Furious, the young woman muttered,  "Doesn't she know that when I text her, I expect to receive a text in reply?"

Miss Manners would have something to learn from the young people of today!


  1. A wake? what? awake to make? awake, you say. Awake! says the Jehovah's Witness. awake to what I will say. awake to the wake who are not awake. a wake no matter, awake poor matter. awake to the awake at the wake who make no wake.are any awake?

    1. Some live dead; some die awake. Let the dead bury the dead. Wakes are not a must for the wakefully departed.

    2. the must drained from a man before the wake. wakes one to the must of a man before his wake.