Friday, March 28, 2014

You can't win for winning!

Recently, following a showing of  THE LOVINGS, a made for TV film on the Supreme Court decision against states' laws prohibiting inter-racial marriage, a group of viewers engaged in a discussion on prejudice, racism, etc. (Obviously.  What else would you discuss after the showing of such a film?) The viewers were commenting on how racism was alive and well in Newton in the 1960's.

Marash Girl mentioned that at Day Jr. High School, the most popular boy in the school was a fellow who happened to be black.

"Oh, that's just reverse discrimination," retorted a City of Newton official (who happens to be white), discounting Marash Girl's point. 

Marash Girl wonders whether the official feels the same way about the election (to a second term) of Newton's Mayor Setti Warren, Massachusetts' Governor Duval Patrick,  United States President Barack Obama . . .

It seems that you can't win for winning!


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