Thursday, March 13, 2014

NORTH OF BOSTON, West of Boston

 Elisabeth Elo arrives at Stellina's Restaurant in Watertown Square (west of Boston)
 to talk about her new book, NORTH OF BOSTON
Preparing to write a post on the book NORTH OF BOSTON by Elisabeth Elo, reporting on a book signing that she attended last night at the exquisite Stellina's Restaurant in Watertown Square, Marash Girl, upon doing some research, found that NORTH OF BOSTON was also the title of a book of poetry by Robert Frost containing the poems After Apple-picking; A Hundred Collars; A Servant to Servants; The Black Cottage; Blueberries; The Code; The Death of the Hired Man; The Fear; The Generations of Men; Good Hours; Home Burial; The Housekeeper; Mending Wall; The Mountain; The Pasture; The Self-Seeker; The Wood-Pile.

How is it possible that the author Elisabeth Elo (her pen name) who has a Ph.D. in American Literature, could not have known that she was using the same title as Robert Frost's book of poetry?  She must have known. The discovery stopped Marash Girl cold in her tra ... typing . . . cold enough to end this blog post here.
In the foyer of Stellina's Restaurant in Watertown Square, Ann Salvucci Rossi, who grew up on the west side of Boston, browses through the recently published mystery by Elisabeth Elo,  NORTH OF BOSTON.  Rossi came to the book signing, she admits, because she was attracted by the title of the book.


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