Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jamesy!

So there she was, five years old, awaiting the best birthday present she had ever (and ever would) receive -- a baby brother.  She waited and waited, and finally, on her birthday, with great fanfare, he arrived -- the sweetest, cutest darlingest little boy one could ever hope for.  Blonde, blue eyes, and as alert as could be.

Growing up, grown up, she could not stop bragging about her baby brother (even when he was all grown up) -- how cute he was, how smart he was, how wonderful he was.  He was the best looking, the brightest, the most alert little boy she had ever met -- and she had met many.

All his life, he loved to read, to discuss, to examine ideas and philosophies, to laugh, to befriend those around him.

Today, on his birthday, Marash Girl wishes Jamesy the happiest of birthdays -- hugs, kisses, 
wonderful memories, and a wonderful and happy future.

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