Friday, October 9, 2015

How about a sandwich for lunch?

But there was nothing in the house with which to make sandwiches!  Taking a peek into the freezer, Marash Girl spied the box of ice cream sandwiches she had bought for Enila and King Dude.  Ah, the perfect lunch for a hot September afternoon,  she thought to herself as she polished off all four ice cream sandwiches.

When Enila and King Dude returned from school, they ran to the freezer to look for the ice cream sandwiches, but the freezer was bare.  (Marash Girl writes with a nod to Mother Goose.)  "What happened to those ice cream sandwiches, Ama?", they asked.

"Oh, I was hungry and it was lunchtime, so I was looking around for something to make into a sandwich.  I couldn't find anything, so I checked in the freezer and there was a box that said sandwiches.  So I ate them for lunch.  They were sandwiches, right?"

"That's so lame, Ama!"  they groaned as they grimaced.


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