Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Frisbee That Failed

The Errant Frisbee or, How To Fix a Frisbee That Fails

So there they were on the Cape and Helène wanted to treat King Dude to lunch; she decided to take him to a restaurant that gave a free gift to any kid who ordered a kid's meal.

Predictably,  King Dude ordered Mac 'n' Cheese.   Delicious, he reported.

But where was his gift?  Here it comes!  A red frisbee!

Yay!  Let's take it home and play!

King Dude, throw me the frisbee, said Marash Girl, as soon as they returned to Indian Hill Road.

King Dude threw the frisbee with all his young energy but the frisbee went awry -- in fact, it arched to the right, not up and over to Marash Girl.  Marash Girl figured (wrongly) that King Dude had deliberately thrown the frisbee into the bushes.  She rescued the frisbee, carefully aimed, and threw the frisbee -- you guessed it -- right into the bushes.  Wait a minute . . . she didn't aim the frisbee towards the bushes. . . what was going on here . . .

King Dude said, I'll get it and make a special effort to throw it straight, right to you, Ama.  As hard as he tried, the frisbee had a mind of its own . . . it went right into the bushes.

Now what!  King Dude said, "I'll get it right this time."  He threw the frisbee as hard as he could and this time, although the frisbee went far to the right of Marash Girl, it hit the tar and a hole broke into its side.  Oh, dear, said Marash Girl.   A piece just broke off of the side of your brand new frisbee.  Well, never mind.  Let 's try to keep playing.

And guess what happened next!  The frisbee worked perfectly!  It went straight as an arrow, directly to its destination; Marash Girl and King Dude were able to play frisbee for the rest of the week.

Who can tell us why the frisbee, after a hole broke into its side, worked perfectly?


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