Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vokh, Vokh, Vokhtoutioun

Returning one morning from a long walk along Ritchie Avenue, Marash Boy and Marash Girl were greeted by the neighbor's dog with short gruff barks:  "Vokh, Vokh!" to which Marash Boy responded, "Vokh, Vokh, Vokhtoutioun." (Ող, Ող, Ողջություն):  Good health!  Good health!  Good to be alive!

Marash Girl had been unaware that dogs could speak Armenian, or, put in another way, that Marash Boy could understand dogs!

Ողջություն- voghtoutioun- good health / good to be alive 

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  1. My word! My Great Dane speaks Armenian..who knew??