Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Salsa on Pasta?

Deciding on pasta for supper, Marash Girl searched the shelves for pasta and pasta sauce.  Yup.  There was the whole wheat pasta.  The kids will like that.  And there 's the all natural spaghetti sauce. Perfect.  And quick.

Fast forward to supper time.

"Ama, why is this spaghetti so hot? We can't eat it!"

"It's not hot, said Marash Girl; it's luke warm!"

"No, Ama, it's burning our tongues!"

"Whoops!" said Marash Girl, who had opened a bottle of salsa (rather than the bottle of spaghetti sauce that was sitting right next to it on the shelf) and poured hot salsa all over the pasta that she was serving to her little grandchildren for supper!


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