Monday, October 12, 2015

Walking Into Another World

So there they were in Enila's home town, looking for the finishing touches for Enila's Fortune Teller Halloween Costume.  Enila needed a scarf complete her costume for Halloween --  to tie around her "fortune teller" head on that auspicious occasion. Marash Girl and  Enila walked into The Magic Cauldron, and indeed it was full of the magic of the Middle East.  Enila was trying on scarves when the owner came up to her and said, Oh, no, that's not what fortune tellers wear.  This scarf (which, by the way was 75% less expensive than the one Enila had been trying on) is what fortune tellers wear.  Marash Girl was silently wondering how the owner of the shop knew what fortune tellers wear!  The owner started telling Marash Girl and Enila about a man who broke a lamp in her store and who walked out without even reporting the breakage to her.  She started wishing evil on him -- vociferously -- and Marash Girl warned her that she mustn't -- that the evil she wished on the man could be turned right back onto her.  She then started telling Marash Girl about her family in Turkey (she was Turkish) who had been cheated by a tenant;  the owner's sister had shouted at the man, "I hope you die in a car accident" and soon after, the man died a horrible death in, yes, you guessed it . . .  an automobile accident.  

Marash Girl should have left the store right then and there, but she felt obliged to convince the woman that she (the woman) should not be going around wishing evil on people.  Be that as it may, Marash Girl commented (only as an aside) that Enila's grandfather was from Marash.  The shop owner immediately started hugging and kissing Marash Girl and Enila saying, "You're Turkish, you're Turkish! You're family, you're family!"  Enila and Marash Girl didn't have the heart (or the courage?) to correct her.


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