Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bats in the Belfry? Guess again!

An educated woman, the wife of a preacher, and a born-again Christian, told Marash Girl one autumn that there were ghosts living in her attic.  Ghosts?  Marash Girl asked, and from her tone of voice, the friend knew Marash Girl was not buying her "ghost" story. 

"Come by and hear for yourself!" the friend challenged Marash Girl.

Marash Girl agreed to go visiting, thinking, "Could there be bats in the belfry?'  (Just joking!) When she arrived at the house to check out those "ghosts" in the attic, there were indeed footsteps running back and forth across the ceiling/qua attic floor.  

"Those aren't ghosts," said Marash Girl!  "They're squirrels! It's nearly winter, after all, and it's cold outside!  You need to call someone to catch those varmints before they take over your house!"

Sure enough, when the friend called an animal exterminator (NOT a ghostbuster), the exterminator's traps were soon alive with grey squirrels, and the footsteps in the attic were no more.

Even if there were ghosts in the attic, Marash Girl's friend wouldn't have been able to hear them walking across her attic floor, now, would she?


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