Monday, January 11, 2016

Cutie Little Sweet Peppers or Burning Hot Devils?

Cutie Little Sweet  Peppers or Burning Hot Devils? Don't know until you taste them!  A metaphor for life?

One bite and we were on fire.  What to do to quell the burning?  Eat bread?  No luck.  Call the doctor? It was too late and we could barely speak for the fire in our mouths -- and now in our eyes (all over our hands)!  Try eating honey . . . Our daughter had just taken our bottle of honey to her home in Western Massachusetts, so no honey.  Ice?  Didn't help.  Bread?  Take my word for it; it doesn't help.  Butter?  A bit better but only a bit.  The only "think" left was downing a shot of tequila.  It worked!
(If you check out the comments below, you'll see that a shot of milk will do just as well!)

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  1. The answer to hot peppers is a glass of milk---can do yogurt--but milk is quicker!