Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goodbye, Caroline, May God Be With You

Caroline's Holiday Message to the World
People really do die of pneumonia.  Caroline Rand Herron, long time friend and Radcliffe classmate, New York Times writer and editor, long time resident and community activist in Truro, Massachusetts, passed away this week. She had had three different strains of pneumonia.   I'm sure she's screaming as loudly as she can, "GET YOUR PNEUMONIA SHOT," but, at the end, she did not die of pneumonia.  While in Brooklyn to attend to the issue of repeated pneumonia, she died of an asthma attack that was so severe, the emergency folks could not reach her in time to save her life. . . Were she still with us, Marash Girl is certain she would have  more than a few acerbic words to say to them . . . We will miss her words, both spoken and written.

Goodbye, Caroline, May God Be With You.


  1. Goodbye, Caroline - Your chicken e-card was the funniest New Year's greeting this year. I will miss your wit and eye, and friendship.

  2. I will miss your friendship and pre opera dinners as well as museum and ballet trips. Can't believe I will not see you at the Morandi show we both had tickets for as well as the BAM ballet performance in Feb. Can't believe you are no longer with us.