Thursday, January 14, 2016

No one is perfect!

Okay, so Marash Girl decided to invite a college classmate to brunch the next morning.  No sweat, right?  Wrong!  She assumed all was well, until she checked the refrigerator and there were very few strawberries left for her strawberry banana salad; no problem. Marash Boy went out at 8:30 PM the night before the brunch to purchase strawberries from Whole Foods.  There were none -- fresh or frozen!  Okay, Marash Girl decided to simply put more bananas than strawberries in the salad.  No problem.

The day of the brunch had arrived. Marash Girl was going to make waffles, her favorite, but when she went to the cupboard, the cupboard was bare!  No King Arthur Flour -- her old standby.  Only gluten free flour "with an easy cup for cup exchange".  If she hadn't learned by this late in life, she would never learn.  She made the exchange and much to her dismay, the texture of the waffles was sticky, sticky, sticky.

Oh, well,  she could at least make the parsley and egg omelets --  her mother's standby!  What happened?  She was in such a hurry that she used her new cuisinart to chop the parsley.  Mistake!  The parsley was chopped perfectly, fine, but far too fine for the dish she was preparing. No problem.  Marash Girl's classmate may not know the difference  . . .  unless, of course, her guest's family used to make this Armenian favorite the way it should have been made -- with very coarsely chopped parsley!  

On to the coffee.  The coffee.  Marash Girl makes it every day with paper filters in her glass coffee pots (which, by the way, they still sell at the Mall -- Marash Boy and Marash Girl thought that these coffee makers had died in the '70's! )  But once again, no luck.  The coffee, for some reason, broke through the paper filters when she poured the hot water into the cone (something she does every day), and she had mud to serve rather than her deliciously fresh brewed coffee.

Oh, well.  Hopefully her classmate will be relieved to know that even Marash Girl is not the perfect "Dandigin"!


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