Saturday, January 2, 2016

More on "Too good to be true!"

This morning Marash Girl was wakened by a text asking, "So what was too good to be true?"  She supposed the texter was referring to an earlier blog post by that title.

What prompted that earlier post?  Marash Girl had been talking with an Armenian friend who commented that her mother always said, shud luv, luv ché.  (Translating from the Armenian, very good (or too good), not good.)

As the friend and Marash Girl discussed the saying on New Year's Day, it turns out that Marash Girl's friend always thought that the expression meant (or that her mother meant) that it is not good to be too good to someone else because the recipient would not appreciate the favor, and would become resentful. Marash Girl thought the phrase meant that whenever someone appears to be too good, you know there has to be a flaw hidden somewhere -- that one should never assume perfection in another person (or in oneself, for that matter!)

How would you interpret the saying?


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