Friday, January 8, 2016

The Mystery of the Disappearing Car

Christmas morning, and Marash Boy, age 4, found a kid's pedal car under the Christmas Tree at 17 Dearborn Street, Springfield, his home.  He was thrilled.  He rode in his little car throughout the house --  from the living room into the dining room, from the dining room into the kitchen, from the kitchen into the hallway and all the way down the hallway until he reached the living room where he would take a sharp turn to the left and start his trip all over again.  But two days later, his pedal car had disappeared.  He was sad, but dared not ask the car's whereabouts for fear of hurting his parents.  That same day, he went with his mother on a shopping trip down town, and there he saw, in the window of their friend's cobbler shop, his little car.  He saw but said nothing, swallowing his hurt, but 14 years later, he built his own car, a car he rode throughout Springfield, Massachusetts, and later, as a Harvard student, throughout the Harvard and Radcliffe campuses, carrying with him the prettiest girls in town.


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