Monday, January 25, 2016

It's snowing down south!

The snow in Takoma Park, Maryland, was not pink, but it was deep!
It was snowing down south -- no, really -- no, your slip was NOT showing (not that you'd being wearing a slip in this day and age).  It was really snowing down south -- much more than here in Boston.  2 feet of snow down south, with a travel ban in New York City!

Add a full moon to boot, and they got extra high tides: it was not only snowing down south, but it was flooding down south -- all along the eastern seaboard!

But snow with wind?  Here's advice for your next snow storm --  Don't overexert yourself, but in an effort to make things easier, do a little at a time . . . if it's windy out there, don't start shoveling your walk until the storm is over, or you'll be doing it all twice!  Your shoveled walk will be the recipient of your neighbor's snow drifting into whatever space it can find!

This is how one public minded New Yorker, (a family member who lives on Wall Street) dealt with the snow:  "I decided to shovel a couple of corners of intersections we'll need to traverse with the baby stroller on Monday en route to daycare." 


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