Saturday, July 23, 2011

Autograph Books, 1952

Did anyone else have an autograph book in 6th grade?  We did, all of us in the naughty Class of Claflin School, 1952, the only class in the history of the school that was denied a week long camping trip to New Hampshire because Miss Tobin thought we were out of control! (I don't know whose fault that was!!!)
What happened to that autograph book, anyway? I remember it was deep red with gilt embossed letters stating "Autographs" on the front. It must have been tossed with my brother's baseball cards when the powers that be cleaned out the attic of the Lowell Avenue homestead.

Although I don't remember how I signed my friends' autograph books, I DO remember some of the inscriptions that accompanied the autographs in mine, especially the one written by David Seeley (later a member of the Newton Police Force) which went something like this:

I'm yours 'til the ocean wears rubber pants to keep its bottom dry.

Or the one from George Maxey (later a member of the Newton Fire Fighters):

Good luck to you and the Boston Red Sox.

And the one from Claudette Thierry (my best friend):

I like to be naughty, I like to be nice, but just to be naughty, I'll sign my name twice!

(And she did!)

Did any of you have autograph books?  Do you remember any of the autographs in YOUR autograph book? In the comments below, please share your favorite autograph inscriptions!!!!


  1. I never had an autograph book, but I liked your blog a lot

  2. george maxey and david seeley, names from the past and when filtered through the aural cavity of kid brother, they were, george, heavy weight champion of the world, tough irish mick, and david seeley, iconic world class athlete with the legerdemain of an irish pol.