Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fun Afternoon

Visiting Blogger Enila writes:  Yesterday we went to the beach at low tide.  (The picture you see is high tide.)  We swam, jumped in the waves. There were a bunch of tiny fish -- a centimeter long -- following us around in the warm water.  We didn't even get sunburned because the weather was perfect. We tried to convince my grandfather to come in to the water, but he pretended he didn't hear us.  Maybe he doesn't know how to swim.
After that, we took a shower and played "Mother, may I?"  It was so, so much fun.  I kept forgetting to ask, "Mother, may I?" and had to go back to the beginning. When we were halfway to the "mother", there was a watermelon stop.  You could take a piece of watermelon, and that meant that you were close to the "mother", unless, of course, you had to go back!

 We played on the deck, while we looked at the ocean.That was such a fun afternoon.

Photos by Enila


  1. Enila, thanks for your wonderful post. You are on your way to being a great photographer (what an eye!) and a wonderful writer! Keep up the good work; you're always welcome to contribute to this blog.

  2. I tried to get the fishies away from me, but I couldn't. The beach was fun. We were going to make a sand castle, but we couldn't because it was too late because the tide was coming up to the rocks and covering all the sand.

  3. Lorig CharkoudianJuly 11, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    I feel like I was there myself. Mmmm... I can taste the watermelon and feel the sand on my toes.

  4. Thanks for the update. I hope Baba's hearing improves...he might miss out on all the fun.

  5. Who is this Enila? Such beautiful photography and clean writing! Does she have her own blog site?

  6. @Rafayel Charles
    Let's try again today to build that sand castle!