Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Because my father loved to go fishing, he loved the rain.  I know that that sounds counterintuitive, but do you remember what happens when it rains?  I remember.  The earthworms and nightcrawlers (my father's favorite because they were so fat and juicy) would come up from the soil to play on the earth's wet surface.  And my father, preparing for his own day of play, would gather them, interrupting their play, and drop them into a tin can filled with soil, ready to take with him on his next fishing foray to the lake in Foxboro.  But one summer, there wasn't that much rain, and that was the summer, I'm guessing, that my father decided to raise his own worms.  He started by half filling a very large fish tank with soil, and seeding that soil with a handful of earthworms from our back yard.  Every day my mother would add coffee grounds to that fish tank in the back room of the cellar, and after not too long, we had a fish tank full of earth worms, ready to harvest at a moment's notice: a fishtank full of a fisherman's dreams.

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  1. Marash Girl was watching me make coffee this morning. Amazing how she then asked to use my computer for her daily blog post because coffee grounds made her think of fishing. Who would make such a connection?!!!