Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bat Houses, Not Bats, Combat Mosquitos?

Bat house constructed on shed in Takoma Park, MD.  Photo Credit: Lorig
Did you know that the United Nations has proclaimed 2011-2012 the International Year of the Bat?  Marash Girl's daughter and son-in-law knew and have celebrated by  recently constructing a bat house on the top front of their shed in Takoma Park, Maryland, hoping to attract bats to combat the mosquitos that plague them in their yard. They have been awaiting, with bated breath, the arrival of the first bat.  Sadly, they admitted, not a bat has been sighted since the bat house was built two weeks ago.  But not to worry, their 5 year old son Raffi assured them.  "Maybe the mosquitos will see the bat house and stay away!"

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  1. To be clear, we did not construct the bat house - we purchased it from one of the vendors recommended by the Bat Conservation web site. However, Matt did take his life into his hands putting the bat house up with a rickety ladder on a slope. Thank goodness for the assistance from our Thunderbolts baseball player Bill Gerstenslagger.

  2. I'd be more than happy to send them some of our bats.

  3. Very cute story! When the bats DO arrive, they will soon realize that the wait was well worth it! Bats are great natural exterminators and can eradicate the pesky insect population from your backyard. Investing in a bat house is recommended. If you can get over the myths we have about bats, a bat house is a good place to start your renewed relationship with these gentle creatures.


  4. It appears Raffi was correct -- the bat house has scared the mosquitoes.......right in through the kitchen door.