Friday, July 15, 2011

Bastille Day on Sagamore Beach

Last night, soon after the harvest sized moon appeared on the horizon, fireworks in all their splendor exploded up and down Sagamore's beach. Marash Girl had forgotten that it was Bastille Day. Not Karoun of Springfield's Karoun Yoga, though.  Just arrived from Springfield, Karoun reminded us of the reenactments that occurred yearly on Wilbraham Mountain, when her Uncle George (Dr. George Charkoudian) was still living and the children would free him from the Bastille that they had gleefully constructed around him.

Last night, on July 14, 2011, the storming of the Bastille took place for the first time with the next generation.  From the safety of her room, Marash Girl could hear the planning, the building, the attack and the final destruction of the Bastille, freeing the prisoners and bringing freedom to France and Sagamore Beach forever.

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  1. The "Electric Company" cast (Aline, Raffi, Karoun, and Ron) produced two renditions of "Storming the Bastille." In the first, Aline played her role perfectly as a hungry prisoner, and Raffi stood as a strong guard in front of the couch-prison, the prisoner covered in newspaper as her "prison bars." Karoun happily played the staring role as the "stormer."

    In rendition 2, Ron and Raffi curled up under the newspapers as prisoners, Karoun stood gaurd, and Aline had the starring role as the stormer of the bastille.

    We felt exhilarated, liberated, and outstanding, once we had freed ourselves of our newspaper prison.