Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chicken Coop at the Beach

Good morning.
Cool breezes, surf, and chicken chatter wake us every morning at this beautiful spot on Sagamore Beach.  "I've never seen a chicken before," said Grandson Raffi, even though his mom is considering getting chickens and a portable chicken coop for their back yard in Takoma Park, Maryland, where, Visiting Blogger Enila informs me, roosters are not allowed!
Ama's favorite photo of the chicken coop.
Rafayel's & Visiting Blogger Enila's favorite photo of the chicken coop. This is the view from a South window of our summer rental on Phillips Road, Sagamore Beach. The ocean is visible in the distance, though not in these photos.
There really are chickens in that coop next door!
Chicken Coop next door with Cape Cod Canal and Cape Cod on the Horizon.

And for breakfast,  homemade Juicy Juice popsicles followed by homemade French toast!

 And home made chocolate milk (with moustaches) for dessert!


  1. Love your pictures from Sagamore Beach and seeing Aline and Raffi along the shore. While in Bornova, Turkey, I would be awakened every morning by Gina and Nina's chickens in the back yard. I never had eggs taste as good as the breakfast prepared for me of an egg gathered the same morning.

  2. I'm just waiting for you to come to TP to set the chicken coop up. I'll take it from there.

  3. @LorigHey, Lorig. Who's "you"? Enila? Raffi?