Sunday, July 17, 2011

Listen to the Mockingbird!

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From the east, the soothing music of the surf; from the west the joyful song of the mockingbird.  What more could we ask?  It was our week at the beach, our week of beauty to our eyes and beauty to our ears.

Yesterday morning, for the last time this summer, Marash Girl walked along the road paralleling Sagamore Beach.  The mockingbird's song followed her as she walked.  Looking up, Marash Girl saw the mocking bird, singing not only with all its heart, not only with all its soul, but with all its body.  Every note was sung so fully that Marash Girl feared for the well being of the bird, but she need not have feared.  The bird sang and sang and sang, more beautifully, more fully, more joyously, than any bird she has heard.

Why then call this joyous bird a mockingbird?  Must we mock true beauty by damning it with words?

N.B. mockingbird - refers to Mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos. [mock Middle English mokken, mokke, mocque, Middle French mocquer, Old French mocquer, moquer, to mock, Greek mokos, a mocker + bird Middle English bird, brid, Old English bridd, bird, young bird].


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