Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sturbridge Coffee House, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Returning to Boston from New York City, or heading to New York City from Boston?  Consider getting off at Sturbridge, going west on Route 20 for 2 minutes and stopping at the Sturbridge Coffee House (right across from the Stage Loft Theatre which is visible above).  A delightlful respite with delicious light fare for breakfast and lunch, wonderful unusual coffees, and atmosphere that can't be matched.
 Entering the Sturbridge Coffee shop, we smile at the welcome sign (above) and the sign to the left of the clock (below).

The coffee options listed above are a welcome relief from the options served at the national chains.
The quiet country atmosphere with lots of windows (if you look out of them you'll see trees) and light, a choice of seating and a pleasant lack of the noise and bustle so prevalent in city coffee shops makes this visit a must.

The Sturbridge Coffee House prepares its sandwiches and waffles fresh when ordered, and offers freshly baked pastries and breads daily. 
And if you can believe the signs, you'll never leave!
Not happy sitting at the windows on the first floor?
Choose a window seat on the balcony!

Or you may choose to sit on the porch, although on this 101 degree day, there were only two folks who took that option.

Drinking iced coffee purchased from the Sturbridge Coffee House, a local polishes his bike in the 98 degree shade in front of the shop. The Sturbridge Coffee House, a must on your next trip through Western Massachusetts.


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