Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indian Hill Road North, Chatham, Massachusetts

Morning walk for the New York Times
Greeting the rooster on the kitchen wall in Chatham
Domesticated Day Lillies along Indian Hill Road North

Sunrise through twin trees
Lobster Buoys and Pickup Truck

Sunrise through a Chain Link Fence

Airplane through a Chain Link Fence

Breakfast for one:  in line on Thursday morning

The road to the kettle pond

A boat afloat: mailbox on Indian Hill Road North

Sandpipers: Mailbox on Indian Hill Road North
Morning Glories: Mailbox on Indian Hill Road North

Above photos by Marash Girl


  1. I'm hoping you weren't the "one" for that breakfast!

  2. LOL, Karoun. When I saw the donuts, I was thinking the same thing about my kids. The cigs confirm that they were not.

  3. great photos. did marash girl take them?

  4. @PETERSONYes, Peterson, Marash Girl took them. Just added that note to the bottom of the post . . . Glad you like them.

  5. Indian Hill road doesn't go to Kettle pond, theres a path that goes to Schoolhouse pond

  6. Yes, but isn't Schoolhouse pond a kettle pond?