Wednesday, March 21, 2012


On one of the most beautiful days of winter (yes, it's still winter!), Karoun began her birthday celebration with her dearest Wilbraham friends, former employer Farmer Llewellyn Merrick of Merrick Farm and Theresa Munn.  The three met at Wilbraham Monson Academy's Fisk Hall (built in 1851) where A CHORUS LINE was about to be performed by the Theatre Guild of Hampden (Massachusetts), directed by Mark Giza, choreographed by Kathleen Delaney with music direction by Tom Slowic.

 Although it wasn't Broadway, it sure felt like it!
 The moments were indeed magical:  perhaps because the birthday party had front row seats, they felt like A CHORUS LINE was performed only for them (although there were 150 other folks watching the show along with them!)

A cast of perhaps 50 (above) pose for applause at the end of the show.

Arnaldo Rivera (Paul), one of the main characters in A CHORUS LINE (left) relaxes after the show in front of Fisk Hall.
Karoun with friends Mark & Monica Gagnon who played Al & Kristine in the show.
Karoun poses in front of Fisk Hall after enjoying the performance of A Chorus Line.
After the show, a light repast with innkeeper Llewellyn Merrick and Theresa Munn in the kitchen of the
Merrick Farm Brownstone Bed and Breakfast, 651 Main Street, Wilbraham, Massachusetts.  For reservations, call 413-596-3559.


  1. Such a wonderful time, thanks Mum for treating us! And thanks to the Merricks for inviting us over afterwards! The Show was incredible, and the Wilbraham-Monson Campus is so beautiful, the weather beautiful...a perfect day!

    1. Happy Birthday and Best wishes Karoun,

      Mark Berg