Monday, March 5, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Cohasset Republican

"Mitt Romney -- he's not like those other guys; he's so moral, so honest, I'm going to vote for him . . . ," stated the woman from Cohasset who happened to be sitting in the back seat of Marash Girl's car, on her way to hear Cole Porter at the Emmanuel Church on Friday night.  "Really?  Why do you think that?" asked Marash Girl.  Romney's admirer continued:  "I was on his gubernatorial campaign staff, and he invited me to a party at his home.  It was the most boring party I have ever been to."  "How so?" asked Marash Girl.  The admirer from Cohasset continued:  "He's such a good Mormon that he served no wine, no beer, no alcohol whatsoever, no coffee, no tea.  The party was SO BORING!  That's why I'm going to vote for him!  He lives what he believes. . . And he's soooo handsome! He looks like a President!"

Yesterday, Marash Girl received an unsolicited recorded phone call from Mrs. Mitt Romney inviting Marash Girl to an election night party in downtown Boston.  (Where  did Mrs. Romney get Marash Girl's phone #? It's not on their rolls, and IS on the DO NOT CALL list!) Based on the recommendation of Romney's Cohasset admirer, Marash Girl thinks she'll stay home!  Wonder if Mrs. Romney called the folks in Cohasset . . .

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  1. Marko Pasha says...Bravissima Marash Girl! You certainly won't miss anything by not going that party. Once again I quote Groucho... "Any club that would have me for a member..." Cohasset Girl's eulogy to the Mitt speaks for itself. What can we say? :-) My own comment about the Mitt is that next to Gangrene and Sanctum Santorum he looks practically mainstream but that aint saying very much. The Mitt may be more sane that the other Two Stooges but basically he is not a very nice perosn. My father probably would have said "I don't trust him as far as I can throw a whale!"
    This discussion of the Unholy Trinity brings to mind another favorite Hoja story....
    Timerlane wanted to give himself titles and he was asking Hoja's advice..
    Timerlane mused..."How about "Ayatollah (Glory of God") about Ruoallah (Fruition of God) ect, ect. Finally Hoja replied "How about "'Auzibillah" God Forbid!
    I'll end with the words of Harry Truman's uncle...Whenever you hear somebody next to you praing conspicuously loudly, run home and check your smokehouse."