Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

Everything stopped for Marash Girl on Friday when she learned that the emails she had been sending out over the last several days had never been received.  How could that be?  She had been working on her brand new Mac Air, she had just had her one-to-one lesson at the Mac Store, all seemed to be well, but all was not well.  The emails she had been sending out over the past week had never been received, (so she inadvertently learned), and she was to leave for 10 days during which she would be no where near a Mac Store!  So instead of packing (which for her is stressful enough), she spent the whole day, fearful though not yet tearful, on the phone with Comcast and the specialists at Apple.  After 8 hours of this, the problem was finally addressed. (She was told by the specialists that she had sent a file that was too big to be received, that it had bounced back and clogged the drain, as it were, so that no emails after that could go out.  The Apple specialists used their version of DRANO and deleted every last email in her files before the darn system would work again.)

If folks thought life before the world wide web was stressful, whatever do they say now?

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  1. I'm too tired today to repeat my repertory of jokes comments and epithets about computers and the people who design and program them. It's nice to remember that we do remember a time before the internet. Marko Pasha