Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coyote Comes Calling

There he was, sauntering purposefully down Maple Avenue (a direct line from Cabot Park, probably his home base), heading north at 5 o'clock (supper time?)  as Marash Girl was heading south up Maple Avenue after taking a late afternoon stroll . . . A dog off leash? she thought.  Couldn't be.  His walk is not that of a dog's.   No, a sleek, healthy looking coyote.  (She hadn't seen one since before the tornado hit the top of Wilbraham Mountain!)  He must not know about the leash law in Newton, she thought.  As they approached each other, the coyote took a neat right turn heading east, right into Marash Girl's driveway.  A visitor for supper? Wonder where he's headed?  But by the time Marash Girl arrived in her back yard, the coyote was long gone.  There goes her dream of having a portable chicken coop in that back yard of hers!


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