Sunday, March 18, 2012


Much of the humor told by Marash Girl's father was at the expense of powerful women.  And it was true that most women who had survived the genocide were powerful by definition.
The following joke takes place in a Protestant missionary gathering where men were 'baring their souls', as it were.

The missionary asked the roomful of men, How many of you are afraid of your wives?
All but one man stood up.  The missionary called on the man in the back row who had not stood up.  Tell us, sir; how is it that when I asked, "How many of you are afraid of your wives," everyone stood up but you.  Are you not afraid of your wife?

The seated man answered:  Just the mention of the word 'wife' (avrat) causes my knees to shake so badly that I cannot stand! Avrat dediğinde, dizlerim titriyordu.

The punch line to the joke, hard to comprehend in an American setting (they say that jokes are very difficult to translate), became an ironic statement that laced conversation whenever guys were joking about being afraid of their wives.  "Avrat dediğinde, dizlerim titriyordu."


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