Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Deron!

Marash Girl and Marash Boy remember the day you were born! We had a name all picked out for you, but when we looked at you, we knew that the name we had chosen was not your name.  You were so full of God's love and God's peace we could only look to find the right name and find the right name we did:  Deron (from the Armenian Deronagan) meaning "Belonging to the Lord".  And indeed, you have lived your life according to your name.  When kids wanted to fight, you would suggest that they work it out on the basketball court shooting baskets.  When kids were troubled, you cared for them.  When folks needed help, (especially in math or history), you spent hours with them on the front porch preparing them for their   finals, for their college achievements.  For all of this and more, your Newton North High School classmates awarded you the Boys' Senior Cup.

And let's not forget all those prayers you sent up for the Boston Red Sox!

So Happy Birthday, Deron!

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  1. A lovely tribute to Deron on his birthday!