Thursday, March 8, 2012

More advice from the Woman from Cohasset

On Friday's drive into Boston, Marash Girl reminded all passengers to buckle their seat belts.  The Woman from Cohasset (see Marash Girl's blog on Mitt Romney and the Cohasset Republican) announced, I never buckle my seat belt.  Well, Marash Girl replied, let me tell you that our cousin was an oral  and maxillo-facial surgeon , and he always reminded us that most of his work came from folks who had been in accidents and neglected to buckle their seat belts.  Well, answered the Woman from Cohasset, my husband was a dentist and I never buckle my seat belt.  What about all those people that get stuck in their cars and burn up because they can't unbuckle their seat belts when their car crashes?  Even though I don't buckle my seat belt, I always keep a sharp knife in the car for those foolish folk who do!  And so do I, echoed her 85 year old friend sitting in the back seat next to her.


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