Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Sticks, Happy Yard Saling

Juggling Sticks? Devil Sticks?  Happy Sticks?  Whatever they were, Jahn (pronounced Yahn) knew how to make those three sticks happy, and to make everyone else at the yard sale happy.  The young folks at the  sale said that they never could figure out how to work those sticks, to make those sticks jump, but Jahn knew how.  He spent a good 10 minutes juggling those sticks, and when the yard sale sponsors tried to sell him the sticks for $2, he said, no, no, he didn't need them.  As Marash Girl watched him perform for another five minutes, she knew what she had to do.  "If you sell those sticks to me for $1, I'll buy them for him!" "Okay," they said, as she paid them the $1.  "Now they're yours, Jahn.  The sticks are yours.  They belonged to you before I even paid for them!"  Jahn, trying to refuse Marash Girl, began to grin  as he continued to juggle those sticks, the sticks that he could now call his own,  the sticks that enchanted the folks standing by, applauding!


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