Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dudukner at the St. James Armenian Cultural Center

The Dudukner Ensemble, the American Flag to the left, the Armenian Flag to the right.

Program from last night's concert depicting
a musician playing the duduk,
 from an ancient Armenian manuscript.
From one or two duduk to many, from thin voice to opera, from village to stage -- that was Marash Girl's  response to last night's concert featuring the Dudukner Ensemble (direct from Armenia) at the St. James' Charles Mosesian Cultural and Youth Center on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown, Massachusetts, a concert co-sponsored by the St. James Cultural Committee and the Amaras Art Alliance.  The duduk, a reed instrument of ancient origin (1500 to 3000 years old, according to the concert notes) is "exclusively made of wood, preferably from the wood of an aged apricot tree".  Depicted in Armenian manuscripts of the Middle Ages, the duduk can still be heard today, its notes haunting the listener, haunting, that is, when played alone, on stage in a large group perhaps a bit daunting.

Duduks for sale before and after the concert.


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