Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charley, We Hardly Knew Ya': A Fond Farewell to Charley's on Newbury Street

Marash Girl was wandering down Newbury Street, with her house guest -- a young man from Sao Paulo -- brand new to Boston.

They were tired, they were thirsty, they weren't really hungry but they could do with a good bowl of  clam chowder. And there they saw it. Charley's!

Eyeing the tables out front, they wandered into the outdoor dining area,  sat around a small circular table bordering Newbury Street, ordered an iced cappuccino and (on the recommendation of the waiter) a bread bowl of Charley's prize-winning clam chowder.  It was, as promised,  the best clam chowder you could ever hope to have served by the nicest waiters you could ever hope for . . . but yesterday, on Boston. com, was a notice that Charley's on Newbury Street had closed permanently because of lease negotiations. . . hard to believe, and sad to believe.  Goodbye, Charley's, goodbye.

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  1. In my reading about Vietnam, the word "landlord" comes up a lot. A sinister figure even in Boston.